How to get to Nanwan (South Bay), Kenting from the TPE airport如何從桃園機場到墾丁南灣呢?


  1. Rent a car and drive it yourself- Take Highway 3 and go SOUTH.自行開車- 國道三往南下

Renting a car ranges from $2500~4000 NT ($80~130 USD)/ day在台灣租車一天約新台幣$2500~4000 ($80~130 美元)

Take the Nanzhou Exit and head towards Kenting National Park. 南州交流道後往墾丁國家公園方向走。

Take Provincial Highway 26 all the way to Nanwan. It is around 5 hours one trip, because you’re going from the north of Taiwan to the most southern tip of it. 沿著台26縣道(屏鵝公路)開,經過恆春5分鐘左右就到南灣了。路程大概要超過5個小時

2. Public Transportation使用大眾交通工具

A.  (High Speed Train + Bus) Most recommended. It’s fast and not too costly. 這是最推薦的行程,省時又省錢。

HSR from Taoyuan to Zuoying is $1330 NT ($43 USD). Bus from Zuoying Station to Nanwan is about $350~400 NT ($11~13 USD) one way 高鐵桃園站到左營站的票價為新台幣$1330 (約美金$43元) 巴士從左營到南灣是新台幣$350~400元(美金$11~13元)

From the airport take the shuttle bus (or MRT, or taxi) to th eTaoyuan High Speed Rail Station. This is only a short 10-20 mins ride.從機場搭乘接駁車或是捷運或是計程車到高鐵桃園站約10至20分鐘

Take the High Speed train to Zuoying Station in Kaohsiung (About 1 hour and 40 mins)搭乘高鐵到高雄的左營站(約一小時40分)

Once arrived at the station, Go to Exit 2 to take a bus (Kenting Express) to Nanwan (Route 9189) The bus ride is about 1.5 hours.搭高鐵到左營後到2號出口,到墾丁列車窗口買票,再到樓下搭車。車程約1.5個小時。

B. (High Speed Train + Taxi )Take the High Speed train to Zuoying Station in Kaohsiung (About 1 hour and 40 mins) From there, you can take a taxi to Nanwan (about 1.5 hours). 桃園高鐵站搭乘高鐵到高雄的左營站,從左營坐計程車到南灣。

Taxi from the station to Kenting by yourself is around $2000NT (about $65 USD). If you’re willing to share the taxi with other passengers, you can reduce your fare to about $300~400 NT($10~13 USD)/person如果您獨自乘行 計程車從左營到墾丁約新台幣$2000(約65美元)如果您與其他旅客共乘每人則約$300~400元台幣(約$10~13美元)

C. (Taiwan Train (Not High Speed) + Bus- Taiwan train is cheaper than HSR, but it’s much slower. From the airport, you can take a bus or taxi to the Taoyuan Train Station. 台鐵(非高速鐵路)+巴士- 從機場坐計程車或是巴士到台鐵桃園站

Take the train from Taoyuan to New Zuoying Station (the express train is about 4 to 4.5 hours)從桃園火車站坐台鐵到高雄的新左營,約4~4.5小時的自強號列車。

The Taiwan Train fare is about $758 NT ($25 USD)one way票價單程約$758元台幣($25 美元)

Take the bus (Kenting Express) to Nanwan (Route 9189) 搭乘墾丁快車到南灣。

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